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How can Dext help my business?

We use Dext to collect invoices and receipts from our clients. Dext works by capturing, storing and tracking all of your purchase and sales documents.

Dext is very easy to use and there are three ways you can use it to send your documents to us:

  1. Mobile app – You can use the mobile app by simply taking a screen shot of the invoice/receipt and pressing submit.
  2. Email -You can send the invoice as an email attachment to your Dext email address.
  3. Manual Upload – You can manually upload an invoice by logging into your Dext account, selecting ‘add documents’ then drag and drop the invoice or receipt.

Once your invoices and receipts have been processed an electronic copy will be stored within your accounts package so there is no need to keep paper copies. And no more missing receipts as they can be captured at time of receipt.

All clients who sign up to our bookkeeping packages will receive a subscription to Dext.

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